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Points to consider before buying a pickup truck

Points to consider before buying a pickup truck

Trucks are exceptional motor vehicles that are designed mainly to transport or haul cargo over long distances. Modern-day trucks feature a combination of functionality and comfort and pickup trucks, in particular, are a popular choice for commercial haulers as well as cross-country travel enthusiasts.

Considering purchases like a pickup truck is a long-term investment, there are many factors that must be taken into account before sealing the deal. Here are a few basic points to consider while on the hunt for pickup trucks.

Cab design
Manufacturers have a different cab design for every truck model or variant. However, there are three standard pickup body styles including the regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab. Regular cabs commonly feature a two-door variant with a maximum seating capacity of three. Extended cabs, on the other hand, feature more storage space with full-size variants that can comfortably seat two to three additional passengers. Crew cabs are the biggest variant with four full-size doors and a comfortable seating capacity of up to six passengers.

Overall performance
Full-size trucks feature six-cylinder engines with a better fuel economy. However, most automobile manufacturers prefer eight-cylinder engines with marginal fuel efficiency but plenty of towing power. It is also economical to consider diesel engines over petrol as the cost of diesel per gallon is cheaper in comparison.

Safety equipment
Heavy-duty pickup trucks have the essential safety systems installed including front airbags, side airbags, side curtain airbags, and onboard vehicle stability control. Automobile manufacturers also take advanced safety measures like rearview cameras, trailer sway control, and smart tech for collision and accident detection alerts during to make long-haul cross-country trips.

Automobile manufacturers have eliminated the use of manual transmission and most trucks are outfitted with six or eight-speed automatic transmission. Modern-day trucks also have electronic traction control systems onboard and limited slip differentials for better maneuvering.

Towing capacity
Trucks are designed for one simple purpose, heavy hauling. A power engine and efficient drivetrain help modern-day trucks to maximize the towing capacity for different kinds of loads. The load bearing and towing capacity will differ depending on the type of truck with a maximum of 30000 pounds for full-size trucks.

Ownership and vehicle maintenance cost
Modern-day trucks can be quite expensive and pricey to insure as there are a lot of additional components that make up the cab and chassis, thus increasing the ownership cost. Apart from insurance, regular maintenance of the vehicle and periodic replacement of parts will also add to the ownership cost.

Base model compact trucks are some of the cheapest in the market and are available for a starting price of $25,000. Light duty and heavy-duty trucks can go upwards of $40,000 depending on the overall configuration of the truck. The Dodge RAM is one of the most popular pickup trucks currently trending in the market.