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Popular short leather jackets for women

Popular short leather jackets for women

A great short leather jacket is an absolute must-have for a wardrobe. If you are a biker, then it’s a necessary gear. For women who seriously bike as an activity, a short jacket protects them from the harsh sun, dust, wind, and bugs. A short jacket provides comfort and can protect one if he or she goes down accidentally. Fashionistas prefer a short jacket to be paired with cool shade, tight denim or short skirts. A short leather jacket just goes with anything, and the best part is that it is more affordable now. One can even go in for sleeveless jackets paired with full-sleeved t-shirts as well. Some of the best short leather jackets for women are as follows:

Exemplar Women’s Black Lambskin Leather Moto Jacket
This short leather jacket made up of genuine lambskin is soft and lightweight. Made to fit the body and flatter one’s curves, these jackets have detailed stitches which give the wearer a tough, feminine look. The high collar can be zipped to prevent the wind and can be left unzipped and folded when the sun is scorching hot. It’s best to measure the body and get a perfect fit before grabbing this piece of beauty. The jacket offers great value for its price of $145 and is made up of 100% genuine leather.

Cole Haan Women’s Asymmetrical Collarless Leather Jacket
A perfect leather jacket for Vespa rides and office commuting, Cole Haan is creamy, collarless short leather jacket. The jacket has zippered slash pockets and sleeves which goes perfectly well with a blouse and slacks. The curvy fit just flatters any curve. The design is clean and looks extremely fashionable. The jacket isn’t suitable for heavy outdoor wear. The jacket costs around $192.

Retro Brando Chestnut Brown Biker Leather Jacket
Cutting edge style and classic elegance are what that defines this jacket. Retro Brando is a slim fit jacket and is a must-have fashion accessory. The leather is made up of excellent quality leather and has a very soft finish with rich chestnut brown shade. The fitting is a concern, and one has to order a couple of sizes larger and doesn’t fit well in every body type. The jacket costs around $190.

Vince Camuto Women’s Leather Moto Jacket
Vince Camuto is a super soft top quality short leather jacket for women. His jacket looks trendy and comes in many shades. Having a zippered chest and hand pockets, this jacket is a perfect jacket for a biker babe. Quilted patches over the shoulder and the sleeves give this jacket an uber-cool look. The jacket costs around $270.