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Popular types of electric ranges you must know about

Popular types of electric ranges you must know about

If you want to make your cooking range the centerpiece of your kitchen, then you need to buy a stylish appliance. Electric ranges are one of the biggest sellers in the market. They come with radiant features and multiple cool options like self-cleaning, child safety, smooth top, simmering, baking and broiling. But before buying, you need to know what options are available in the market.

If you want to go for the electric rangers option, you will basically get three different categories namely the open coil burner, ceramic cooktops and the induction cooktops. Every category has its own features and advantages. So, as a consumer, you need to know about these differences before you make your final decision.

Open coil burners
Open coil burners are the least expensive models of electric ranges. In this variety, the heating elements are shaped in spiral coils and are placed on the top of the cooking range. Most of the latest models come with plug-in coils that are easy to lift for cleaning and also for replacements. They are energy-efficient because the coils heat up very quickly. Even with so many new advanced models available in the market, this variety is considered to be very effective.

Ceramic cooktops
Ceramic cooktops use radiant heat technology to heat up the cooking surface. These electric ranges are also popularly known as the smooth top or the glass top stoves. The transparent ceramic on the surface of the stove distributes the heat evenly and effectively to the pots and pans on the stove. This model is very popular among consumers, but is very expensive, making it out of reach for people who are looking for cooktops in the affordable range.

Ceramic cooktops are easier to clean than open coil ones and also have a stylish look. However, they are not as effective and energy efficient as open coil burners. To keep the stovetop looking shiny even after repeated usage, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while cleaning the surface. Another advantage with this variety is that when the stove is not in use, the cooking top can be used as a working surface. But these cooking rangers remain hot for a long time after you finish your cooking. However, a warning light on the stove indicates if the surface is still hot to avoid any accidents.

Induction cooktops
This category of electric ranges is new in the market and is very different from the ceramic version. Induction cooktops use induction technology to heat the surface of the stove. This technology increases the cooking speed and keeps the surface of the stove safe and cool immediately after cooking. They have the same cleaning techniques and benefits of ceramic cooktops and are time and energy efficient. However, they are heavily priced and also require special cookware for cooking.