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Popular types of paper towels available in the markets

Popular types of paper towels available in the markets

Paper towel dispensers are used in commercial settings to dispense paper towels. Dispensers can be operated either manually or automatically. They are mostly used in kitchens, toilets, restaurants or any public place to dry hands. Different varieties of paper dispensers are available in the market for you to choose from. It is up to you to decide what you prefer to have in your restrooms or kitchens. Each variety of paper dispensers has its own pros and cons. There are three different types of paper towel dispensers namely, center pull dispenser, multi-fold dispenser, and controlled output roll towel dispenser. Here’s what you must know about each of them.

Center pull dispenser
This paper towel dispenser is most suitable for gas stations. The design of this dispenser is very simple and it is also very easy to put paper rolls in this dispenser. But the most common complaint of this type is the roping. Roping means, the paper towel will unwind and not perforate properly. They are also not so effective in drying hands because you have to first unwind the paper towel from hands to dry your hands.

Multi-fold dispenser
This is the most common type of paper roll dispenser found in most of the public washrooms. This type is also commonly known as the C-Fold dispenser or the single fold dispenser. This dispenser can be mounted to the wall or underneath the counter. The main drawback of this type is that people overuse the paper towels, hence, wasting most of the towel from the roll. A big stack of the unused paper towels ends up in the trash because people tend to pull out more than they require.

Controlled output roll towel dispenser
This type comes in many styles like battery operated, with levers, or mechanical hands-free. It can be customized to limit the dispensing of towels in a single use. It takes longer for the paper towels to come out of this dispenser when compared to other types. Thus the wasted of towels will be controlled, resulting in savings.

Out of all the above three types, the controlled output roll dispenser is the most used as it causes less wastage of paper towels.

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