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Popular types of terrains in mountain biking

Popular types of terrains in mountain biking

A popular adventure sport, mountain biking is not only recreational in nature it also helps riders reconnect with nature. While the riders on a look out for some adrenaline rush choose complex and challenging locales, some riders go on serene countryside. Mountain Biking satisfies every riders’ wander lust whatever their fancy be.

Mountain biking can be performed almost anywhere from a back yard to a gravel road. Most mountain bikers like to ride on off-road trails, country back roads, fire roads or through narrow trails that wind through forests, mountains, deserts or fields. Rather than regular bicycling, mountain biking is more like trail running. Mountain bikers mostly ride far from the civilization into the wild! Let us broadly find out the various terrains that mountain biking offers its enthusiasts.

Single track
This terrain is one of the most popular and common among bikers. Single track trails are lanes that are sometimes only a bit broader than your shoulders or just adequate for two bikes to pass. Owing to their limited width single trails mostly allow one-way travel. If riding through breath-taking landscapes is what attracts you, this trail is surely going to blow your mind. Single trail contrasts with double trail or fire road which is wide enough for even four wheeled off-road vehicles. Mostly these trails are smooth and flowing but there may be certain terrains that are bumpy and challenging with crisscross tree roots. This trail predominantly has features like roots, logs and rocks. Single trail riding is quite challenging from a technical standpoint.

Double track
Double track trails run along abandoned logging roads, fire paths or power lines and are wider and relatively easier than single track trails. The width of these trails is just enough for two riders to cycle side by side. Rides on double track trails are basically designed for the inexperienced rider or anyone whose aim is to seek an easy ride with a memorable view. Double trail rides often last for half-days or may stretch up to a full day. These rides take bikers to endless maze, dirt and double track roads that allow them to choose their distance and pace.

Mountain bike terrain parks
These could range from anything like jump-and-pump tracks under urban overpasses to lift-serviced trails. Mountain bike terrain parks are full of elevated bridges and half pipes. This terrain is rich in jumps of various sizes, berms, banked corners, hairy downhill switchbacks among other features.

Most terrains are marked by different skill levels like beginner, intermediate, expert or double expert. If you are new to mountain biking, you might start out on relatively smoother and flatter terrain. As you become more experienced terrains become more complex, full of obstacles and a lot of fun!