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Popular universities and schools to pursue MBA programs

Popular universities and schools to pursue MBA programs

Today, students and working professionals are looking to pursue MBA programs as it brings great credibility to one’s profile. Whether one is looking to make a big career in the top business companies or wants to start a business of his/her own, MBA programs offer the best training. However, the university from where an individual goes on to acquire his/her MBA degree matters greatly. This why it is important to put good thought into choosing the university before going ahead.

Here are some of the popular universities from where one can pursue an MBA program –

Yale University – Yale University is one of the most prestigious universities that have been around. Founded in 1701, this university has contributed to the educational qualification of several notable alumni and continues to stand at the top of its game. The third oldest university in the country, this is one of the best universities to pursue MBA programs.

Harvard Business School – The Harvard Business School is the pinnacle of quality business studies and is one of the most sought after business schools in the US. One can choose from full-time MBA programs to doctoral programs, depending on the kind of degree he/she wants to acquire. It is ranked as one the best business schools in the world has been alma mater to the top personalities.

Columbia Business School – The Columbia Business School was founded in 1916 and is based in New York City. The business school was founded to provide students with the best business education that they can execute in the real business world. This Ivy League business school offers MBA programs and several other educational programs that one can be a part of, however, through a highly selective admission process.

Booth School of Business – The Booth School of Business is yet another popular and one of the oldest schools that offer business education in the US. The school allows students to choose between part- and full-time MBA programs. This school aims to provide students with a practical education and is mostly picked by students who are looking for a specialization in finance.