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Quick and easy school lunch recipe ideas

Quick and easy school lunch recipe ideas

Kids are fussy when it comes to food. They seem to get disgusted at the very sight of some of the scrumptious delicacies we relish. Most often than not, kids like to eat food that is devoid of any nutrition. Most often than not, folks struggle trying to create a healthy balance between what we want to serve versus what they want to eat. As the onus of serving healthy and wholesome meal is usually on the parents, school lunches can rather get tricky. If you are struggling between being a responsible parent (with the right parenting skills) and a cool parent (someone your kids are somewhat fond of), check out these healthy and tasty school lunch ideas.

Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffin
Slipping healthy and fibrous fruit and veggies into your kid’s meals never got easier. You could make whole wheat muffins out of leftover veggies like pumpkins. You could also choose a healthier flour like oatmeal to do the same! These changes in the basic ingredient would not only make your dish wholesome, it would also bring about a whole new flavor and taste.

Apple Chips
To spice up a ‘boring’ box of lunch, you could add some healthy homemade chips. Instead of using the notorious potato you could use something more virtuous, something like an apple! That’s right, apples make awesome chips when baked at low temperatures. You could bake the apple slices until crisp and sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Your kids are surely going to love these!

Zucchini Fritters
Another sneaky recipe that would make for an awesome lunch can be zucchini fritters. You also have the option of replacing zucchini for peas or even noodles. These fritters would taste brilliant with some quick and easy homemade dips!

Vegetable pasta
You could brighten up your kid’s dull school lunch with some colorful pasta. You could craftily add some veggies and chicken or meatballs with the pasta to make it a nutritious meal.

Chicken Tortillas
Another interesting recipe that you can make is chicken tortillas. The recipe is so-easy- to make that you can even get your kids to help you with the preparation.

Peanut butter burrito
This is a super amazing and nutritious recipe that you can make with healthy whole-wheat wraps. Lace the wrap with some peanut butter and sprinkle slices of bacon and banana. You could also pour in some honey on top to add an extra flavor. Pack it as is or roll it up for ease of eating.