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Reason to buy these popular earphones

Reason to buy these popular earphones

Skip the struggle of untangling your earphone cord and forget about misplacing that pointless lightning connector for the iPhone by investing in the best earphones that not only provides the best sound experience but also makes the entire experience better.

Best earphones not only look great when it comes to style but also sound better, and also come with advanced features like noise-cancellation and wireless operation. With so many options, the process of choosing the best earphones can be quite daunting. This list will help you make the right choice and will give a far superior sound experience.

This list is organized keeping the two most important things that are to be kept in mind whilst buying an earphone, the form factor and the price.

1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone: Having a Frequency response of 20-40,000Hz and Sensitivity and impedance of 99 dB/mWand 32 ohms respectively, 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone is the best earphone. It offers an excellent sound quality with an amazing design and build and is priced at $100. The ear buds of this model are angled precisely and fit nicely in the the ear.

RHA S500u: If you are the one who loves to us his/her headphone every day, then this earphone is a great buy for you. With a narrow sound stage, this earphone has a frequency response of 20Hz-20,000Hz and Impedance of 32 ohm. This earphone has nicely charted its way in the best earphones category because of its impeccable design ad excellent sound performance. The open-backed ear cup design of RHA S500u ensures a more breathable experience and sits well on the ears.

Audiofly AF180: Costing between $500 and$550, these are the best earphones from Audiofly. This high-end earphones are loved for delivering glorious detail and brilliant dynamic expression to all its users. The glossy design adds to the luxurious look of the earphone and offers a commendable level of passive noise remoteness.

Shure SE112m+: Known as the best iPhone ear pod alternative, this is the best earphone that provides outstanding sound and iOS functionality. Costing closeto $60, Shure’s SE112m+ is loved by its users for providing best bang and its dynamic drivers are adept having a frequency response of 25Hz to 17 kHz. This provides it users an open sound stage that tops with taut bass and finely attentivemids.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Special Edition: Most loved by the fitness freaks, Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Special Edition offers an excellent mix of fitness features along with a good sound, all available for $160. This is the best earphone as it has amazing sound quality, an in-ear heart rate monitor, and excellent app functionality.

Oppo PM-3: With a cable length of 3.9 ftand frequency response of 10-50,000Hz, this closed back planar magnetic headphones are a great buy. Offering stunning sound quality along with excellent isolation, this is the best earphone for those commuting in the busy city every day.