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Remedies for relieving back pain

Remedies for relieving back pain

Nearly everyone experiences back pain. If you do not manage it, your life will be miserable and you will find it difficult to accomplish even small things. Thankfully, help is at hand. Try out one of these methods that are effective in back pain relief. If these methods fail, you must consult a doctor.

Having a good night’s sleep: Are you having a restful sleep? Not many patients know that having a deep sleep in the night is good for soothing inflamed muscles and tendons in the back. This lower back pain treatment is easy on the pocket and also does not pack your body with pills. Buy a good mattress that is firm but not hard and supports your lumbar region. Experiment with different sleeping positions. If you sleep on your back, then place a pillow under both your knees. People who prefer sleeping on their sides should place a pillow between their knees while those who sleep on their stomachs can place an extra pillow under your pelvis.The fundamental idea here is when you use an additional pillow, you help your spine retain its shape.

Gentle exercise helps: Many people having back pain think that it is OK to take rest. Medical research has proved that rest may cause your back pain to aggravate. It is better, rather that you get into some kind of an exercise. Walking slowly can help you with your back pain. You can increase your pace after a few days. You might as well indulge in some light stretching exercises.
Please consult your doctor before you begin your exercises.

Lose weight: Are you overweight? If yes, then you must try losing a few pounds. Being overweight is a very important reason why some people experience back pain. When you lie down, the weight of your body presses against your spinal region and this triggers, in the long run, back pain related problems. Rather than buying a lot of medicines, it is easy to shed a few excess pounds and kilos and do away with the problem of back pain.

Try Yoga: A 2013 study published in the Clinical Journal of Pain concludes that daily and regular sessions of yoga are good for the health of the back. There are specific asanas that relax the muscles of the back and relieve back pain. Yoga helps in the movement of the muscles of the back and improves our breathing patterns too.

Painkillers: Medication should always be taken only after consulting with a doctor. Even herbal remedies should be checked with, to ensure there are no adverse side effects.

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