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Safe and affordable homes for rent

Safe and affordable homes for rent

Mobile homes have been a huge hit in the country around the early 1960’s. These inexpensive, movable manufactured homes made life very convenient. Whether you are a traveler, someone who seeks freedom or someone who wants a cheap accommodation for a period of time; these homes are just what you need.

In the past, mobile homes had a huge image problem in the country. People who lived in these homes were considered as poor and daily wagers. But gone are the days when living in Mobile homes were living in poverty.

According to US census of 2011, around 20 million of the country’s population lives in trailers also known as mobile homes. But not everyone who lives in trailers is poor. This has been proved as a myth as according to a report by Manufactured Housing Institute, about 57% of the heads of mobile home households are in full employment and another 23% are retired. So, if you are constantly on wheels, seeks peace or are tired or retired, mobile homes become a preferred choice for all.

These houses are usually spacious consisting of 2 or 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms including an oval tub, a fitted washer and dryer, and an island breakfast bar in the kitchen. The cost of mobile homes for rent would be less than that of renting an apartment in any part of the country. The average rent in the country is around $200 to $300. If it is combined with the monthly mortgage or finance cost on the actual mobile home comes up to $700 to$1000 monthly. Thus, mobile homes for rent are less expensive as compared to an average apartment for rent.

It is beneficial to invest in mobile homes as rent for these houses is cheap in the country, and the land is cheap, so it’s easy to do minor modifications, such as electrical repairs and some form of sewage and water supplies. One more benefit of people living in trailers is that they can move their hoses along with their jobs. The American ethos of private home ownership does not make the idea of renting an apartment attractive. The mobile homes for rent cost around $1000 per month, which makes it more livable.