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Step into the world of Net 10 Phones

Step into the world of Net 10 Phones

If you are looking for a commendable cell phone service for yourself, look no further than Net 10. Net 10 is a reliable and very well-known cell phone provider that offers prepaid plans and even permits you to make calls for a mere 10 cents per minute. This carrier is an ideal pick for people who want to enjoy the services of a cell phone without paying monthly bills.

The Special Features of Net 10 phones
Net 10 phones have a bucket load of special features, which include:
There is no contract that is required for the service of this phone.
Picture and text messages are unlimited
Web and email unlimited
Call forwarding facility
Call waiting facility
Facility for conference calling
Auto refill facility for $45
Called ID facility
Voice mail that is basic
Long distance free domestic
Free of roaming costs anywhere in the United states
Facility of checking bill status from the mobile directly
You can use any phone for Net 10 package
Weekends and night calls are totally free of charge

Based on the package you for, Net 10 phone normally offers 4G LTE for the plan period that is normally a month. Once the limit is met, customers can still avail of unlimited data although the pace may slow down comparatively.

Detailed activation guide
If you have already brought yourself a Net 10 mobile and have some doubts about its activation, given below is a detailed guide on how to activate it without any hitches.
1. Switch your cell phone and press on the select button and also the prepaid button.
2. Scroll over and choose the option My IMEI and this display and number that you have to note down. Now press the Back option. Now choose the SIM Serial Number and note this down too.
3. Browse Net10.com on your system and select the Activate /Reactivate Phone that will appear on the left part of the menu. If this is your first time, ensure you fill all your personal data that is required for the same.
4. Once the details are submitted, the screen will take you to a page where the SIM and IMEI numbers should be entered.
5. Now all that is left for you to do is clicking on the Activate’ button and now you are ready to make call immediately.
So, go ahead and get a Net 10 phone connection and begin enjoying its attractive packages at once.

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