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The 5 Best Smartphone Deals in The Market

The 5 Best Smartphone Deals in The Market

We live in an age where the world is full of smartphones. While we always want to purchase the best, we also want to save big in terms of money. Is there a solution for such a problem? For starters, we could help you out by finding the best smartphone deals that are present in the market.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to own the best-in-class. What you always need to keep in mind is, to know where your priorities lie. Think of it in this manner, what are the few features that you cannot do without on your smartphone?

What is the preferred OS?

Firstly, you need to decide if you are comfortable with the Apple’s iOS or the Android OS. If neither of the two, then would you prefer a different kind? Like the MIUI or LG’s new UI? Different OS have different capabilities and drawbacks. You need to pick one that can serve you efficiently.

Which feature is more important?

You will also need to decide which aspects are important for you. Would you prefer a phone with a long-lasting battery and an average camera or the other way round? Most people prefer a strong processor and the latest version of the OS. But then again, the question that arises is, how can you get it within your budget?

Smartphones today are just as powerful as laptops and computers, if not more. Sometimes, they can even cost just as much. Here, we have a few smartphones that we can vouch for. They not only offer great performance but also are the best smartphone deals in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a crowd-pleaser among all the available smartphones. The good news is, you can now purchase this smartphone at around $339 from Amazon and enjoy a 43% saving. How is that for a smartphone deal to relish?

Moto Z Play

Are you a Moto fan? If yes, then you must love the features that pack the Moto Z Play! You can avail an exciting smartphone deal on this phone by purchasing it through your mobile carrier. Most mobile carriers are offering smartphone deals close to $300. For example, when you place an order through B&H, you end up saving close to $150!

Google Pixel XL

If you are someone who would not mind purchasing a refurbished product, then this smartphone deal is sure to excite you. Amazon is the official refurbished product seller when it comes to the new Google Pixel XL. You can purchase the product in black and silver color for just around $389.95! This is one of the best smartphone deals out there as Pixel is the first product in the market where Google has put together not just software, but strong and very capable hardware as well. Nevertheless, this is one smartphone deal that you should not miss.

Essential Phone

Have you heard of the new and exciting Essential phone? It boasts of great sophistication and a sleek design with a vibrant HD display. The hardware under the hood is of topmost quality, as said in the reviews. This new smartphone can be yours for just around $435 through Amazon! You can end up saving $264 by availing these smartphone deals.


You don’t have to be an LG fan to love the G5. Unless you really want the latest software, the LG G5 is a great choice for you. The hardware is up to the mark and does not disappoint in any way. The brand new, unlocked version of the smartphone can be yours for just around $229.99 through some amazing smartphone deals! But by getting it through B&H, you end up saving more than you spend i.e. $300. What more can you ask for?