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The Best Franchises to Own Under $50K

The Best Franchises to Own Under $50K

Owning a franchise holds a lot of appeal amongst investors looking to start their first business. Many franchises can be started with as little initial capital as $50K. A plethora of services and goods are provided by franchise businesses in a range of industries that finding one that suits your personality and disposition is easy. Here is our pick of the top 5 franchises you can begin with an initial capital of less than $ 50,000.

The Cleaning Authority: The Cleaning Authority has been franchising since 1996. This home maintenance company has been on the market for over 20 years. Investors can put down an initial investment of just $44K and the company will help finance the remaining investment. The industry trend is on the up and up and The Cleaning Authority is a great way to get into the home maintenance industry.

Maid Brigade: The second home cleaning services in our list, the Maid Brigade has been franchising since1979. Investors with capital as less as $25K-40K can get a franchise with options on financing the total investment of $85K-125K. Trends for the home cleaning industry is on the rise and Maid Brigade is amongst the top hitters in the industry.

Grease Monkey: This preventive auto care franchise has been on the market since 1978 and is the leader in the market. With as little as $30K investors can get their business going, the company will help you finance the remaining cost. Grease Monkey is not owned by any oil company, thus not obliged to buy a specific brand of oil. Maybe that is why they are industry leaders.

Baskin Robbins: The world-famous ice cream brand has been franchising since 1967. The minimum capital required to start a franchise is just $20K. The company will help finance the remaining $125-250K. The company is known to innovate regularly and is an international brand. Returns on investment have been regular and the company is known for the support it provides its franchisees.

360Clean: Another home maintenance company in our top 10 list, 360Clean is relatively new when compared to the rest of this list. The company began franchising in 2005 and has proved its processes over 10 years. Investors need only put in $5000 to get started with this franchise with a total investment of around $10K-16K. The rise in the industry trends compounded by 360Clean’s standing in the industry has made this a sure-fire winner.