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The care your orchids need

The care your orchids need

Orchids are one of the most popular indoor potted plants. While they are found in almost every household that loves flowers, not many know how to care for orchids or the right way to grow orchids.

We will start from finding the right orchid and growing it to taking care of your orchid plant and maintaining it well.

There are around 20,000 30,000 orchid species on earth. You have plenty to choose from even if you don’t have all of them accessible. Buying an orchid is in fact easy but if you want your plant to bloom well and live long, its essential to pick the right plant for yourself and take necessary care for them. Pick the plant that is not in bloom as it will make your plant get adapted to the growing conditions of your house. There wont be an instant addition to the decor but you will have a better chance of growing a healthy plant. Pick the plant that has healthy roots, check the leaves as quality of leaves can tell a lot about the plant. Also, take the full name of the orchid plant you are buying as it will help you get more information of the same species that you have bought.

Remember that orchids need to survive but there also need to be enough time between the two watering as they also need to dry out in between. In summer, keep watering them after they dry out, in winter, you will not have to water them too often.

Along with water, orchids also need humidity. There are many ways to increase humudity in your home but the best way is to use a humidifier. Direct heat and chills are bad for your orchids so make sure to place them where they are mild, warm and humid.

Regular fertilizer is important for your orchids. Fertilize them weekly or while they are about to bloom.

You will probably need to re-pot your orchids if they suddenly stop blooming in spite of having adequate light and temperature. Otherwise you must re-pot your orchids every year.

Keep checking for signs of pests or diseases. Bugs like mealybugs, scale, and aphids usually attack orchids. You can remove them by washing your plant or use insecticidal soap.

Learn about your orchids, fertilizers that are right for them, right kinds of lights for them and how to re-pot them to keep have a healthy and blooming orchid plant.