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The luxurious SUVs you would want to own!

The luxurious SUVs you would want to own!

Mighty. Modernistic. Dramatic. Opulent. We are of course referring to the league of swanky SUVs that will be or are already spotted on American streets. Denounced as the doom of best-selling auto manufacturers once upon a time, ultra-luxury SUVs are nowhere to stay. And in fact boosting sales. In spite of fluctuating gas prices, demand is only expected to surge even further because the market seems to be devouring SUVs and crossovers.

Wouldn’t it be incredible for the uber rich to drive something exotic that will welcome more people and paraphernalia, to do everything and be everywhere? This new breed of these fancy SUVs weds the truck-like utility that enables rugged off-road adventures and extra space that Americans prefer, with the car-like conveniences they look for.

  • Serene, compact, enhanced, distinct, agile, slinky, secure, roomy, appealing, chiseled, and most importantly, gratifying – the extravagant SUVs are this and much more. Scroll down to see which ones feature on our list.
  • The most awarded top of the class Grand Cherokee, its formidable strength on and off roads that is sheer heart pounding
  • The world’s fastest SUV, the pinnacle of luxury tailored to your own unique tastes, the sumptuous Bentley Bentayga
  • The athletic, adventurous and arguably the most advanced SUVs on the road from Mercedes-Benz, with an eye for specific detailing
  • Avant-garde Jaguar Land Rover, a true design icon, handsomely conceived and tastefully appointed
  • The undeniable presence of the sophisticatedly rugged Infiniti QX80
  • The incomparably ambitious Cadillac Escalade that ferries you in grandeur; fashioned with the utmost attention to detail, the Maserati Levante, a true legend, a jewel of Italian design; the apex of modern Scandinavian luxury, the Volvo XC90 that is synonymous with dynamic craftsmanship; featuring the excellent quality that is synonymous with Porsche, the Macan, refinement that will take your breath away and the BMW X5 with superb power, infinite space, and stunning design, are but just a handful of choices of opulence on wheels for the minuscule beau monde of American society.

No baby steps these; radical diversions certainly, by top-notch businesses, but these deliberate departures have been in the making for many years now after meticulous homework, and they are impressive indeed. The love that is emerging for SUVs in the affluent US markets is propelling iconic automakers to stay abreast of customer desires and to bring to life your fantasy. The question is: Which one is on your mind?