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The prevention and diagnosis of nausea

The prevention and diagnosis of nausea

Nausea is not an illness but a condition that is caused by underlying factors. It is a symptom that is triggered by several causes such as low blood sugar, dehydration, reproductive hormones and more. It sensation that makes one feel uncomfortable and queasy, sending down an urge to vomit. Most people experience nausea several times in their lifetime, and it is not a very critical condition.

Nausea is short-lived. However, this is also determined by the cause of nausea. In case of a more severe condition, the feeling may last for few hours. Nausea may not be preventable in most cases; however, one may be able to minimise the occurrence by following a few practices:

Small meals – Not consuming food for several hours can disrupt the digestive process and make one feel nauseous. Thus, it is essential to eat small meals every short while to keep the stomach feeling full. Consuming too much food at a time too is not good for the system. One must consume healthy snacks or fruits every two hours.

Avoid alcohol: Drinking alcohol in large quantities leads to hangovers and thus, trigger nausea. One also feels the urge to vomit and experiences a dizzy feeling. Thus, anyone who experiences regular nausea should avoid consumption of alcohol. In some cases, withdrawal of alcohol too can lead to a nauseous feeling.

Avoid motion or odors – A person who is prone to nausea should prevent movement. In case, of traveling, do not read in a moving vehicle. Also, some smells of perfumes, smoke or gas may not go down too well with some people and bring an uneasy feeling. Avoid being around such bothersome odors.

If you suffer from this condition regularly, it is necessary to visit a doctor. The medical professional will help you understand nausea causes and treatments. However, this can only be done after the diagnosis process:

Several conditions cause nausea and thus, the doctor will have to run several tests and understand the real cause. The doctor will inquire about past medical conditions as well one’s family history. One should tell the doctor about if he/she suffers from any other symptoms or severe disease.

The doctor will examine body parts and carry out test such as those related to blood pressure, the abdomen, and other test depending on the symptoms. In case of an injury, undergoing treatment will aid in the condition subsiding. Once the doctor diagnoses the problem, the treatment of nausea can be effectively undertaken.

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