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The pros and cons of electric wheelchairs

The pros and cons of electric wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are one the most commonly used mobility aid by disabled individuals. Not only disable, but a huge population of senior adults is able to live an independent life due to wheelchairs. If you use a wheelchair or know of somebody who does, you will understand the difference it makes to easy mobility. While traditional manual wheelchairs have been the rage for the longest time, electric wheelchairs are now becoming the preferred option.

Electric wheelchairs do not require manual effort in order move. These employ an electric motor and battery, thus, easily driven at the touch of a button. Several people who are unable to walk find it extremely exhausting to make use of their hands while operating a manual wheelchair. Moreover, manual wheelchairs may also require assistance when out and about. Electric wheelchairs are much more stable built and can help in traveling long distances as well. In most cases, electric wheelchairs are foldable and can thus, be easily tucked inside a closet or car trunk. Like every other thing, electric wheelchairs come with their own set of pros and cons. The pros are as follows:

Joystick control – Electric wheelchairs make movement an easy ride. All electric wheelchairs come with a joystick control that is attached to arm rest. A press of a button and the wheelchair moves as per your convenience. It also comes with direction control letting you move to the left or right direction as and when you like.

Lightweight design – Electric wheelchairs are a designed in a more lightweight body. The element and materials used are more compact. However, this also depends on the type of style and size that you choose.

Long travel distance – For people who travel outdoor on a daily basis, electric wheelchairs are a real boon. Manual wheelchairs move at a slower pace and require more effort to move. Electric wheelchairs, on the other hand, need almost no effort to move. Also, they can be driven at higher speeds depending on preference.

Can handle tough terrain – The sturdy built of electric wheelchairs make them perfect for travel on rough terrain. One does not have to be afraid of the wheelchair not being able to move or toppling. The uneven ground base or mushy soft grass land, these wheelchairs can handle it all.

The cons that come with electric wheelchairs include:

Battery charge – Electric wheelchairs work on battery and electric motors which mean that it has to be charged after a while. Moreover, the battery may have to be changed after every few months.

Regular maintenance – It is important to maintain and care for electric wheelchairs or they may become unsafe to use.

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