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The ultimate buying guide for peripherals

The ultimate buying guide for peripherals

In today’s world of advancing technology, having a computer in your house is a must. But, have you thought anything about the peripherals? If not, then here is a buying guide for you that is sure to help you in assembling your computer. For your convenience, different types of peripherals have been mentioned along with the guide to buy them.


Keyboards are no doubt an important peripheral. But, buying it mostly depends on what kind of a person you are. If you are a gamer, then you will probably love a hi-tech keyboard with backlighting, integrated LCDs, changeable number pads and so on. So, choose from the wide range of gaming keyboards. If you are a person who is fanatic about movies and songs, then go for a keyboard that has volume control knob and play/pause buttons in it. If you are someone who does data entry on a daily basis, then you know you have to spend hours with your beloved keyboard. In that case, buy an ergonomic keyboard. And if you are someone who keeps traveling throughout the year, then buy a keyboard that will be easy to carry and lightweight.


Next comes the mouse, which is yet another important peripheral. You can buy a wired mouse or a wireless one. The problem with a wired mouse is that they can run out of batteries suddenly and your work will be doomed. You can also choose a laser one or you can buy an optical one. A laser mouse can track much more dpi than the optical mouse.


Printers largely depend on what use they will be put to. If you want it for home, then you need a standard one that can handle everything and make sure it has a WiFi capability. If you require the printer for a small business, then a printer which can scan documents and print colorful brochures would be just fine, like an inkjet printer. If you are a photographer then you would need a photo printer that has the ability to print life-like images. And, if you are a student then a laser printer should work perfectly fine. The main advantage with laser printers is that they can print a lot of documents in a considerably short span of time.


Speakers are really important not only for watching movies and listening to music but also for conducting webinars. Of course, the sound quality that you prefer is entirely your choice. You can choose from varied options of speakers like subwoofer, bookshelf, satellite, floor-standing and even portable. But, you must keep in mind the space or size of the room where you are installing the speaker. Furniture, rugs and other heavy objects absorb sound. For the best results, you should get an amplifier for your speaker, but the specifications should match.

So, these are some of the basic peripherals. Apart from these, there are several others like webcam, scanners, USB flash drive, headset, microphone and so on. You can go on adding peripherals but choose them wisely and buy only those which you need.

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