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Things you need to know about K Cups coffee

Things you need to know about K Cups coffee

You might or might not be aware of the Keurig company, or what they have for you. But we’re sure you’ve heard of the infamous K Cups. So, what are these K Cup coffee? What makes them unique? These question might be in your mind.

You might have heard of the K Cups coffee by it’s other, more popular, and far more common name- Coffee Pods. Here are a few questions and its related answers that will help you understand the coffee brand well.

What is K Cup coffee?
K Cup is a patent piece of technology owned by Keurig which is a popular brewing coffee. By design, these cups are small and filled with just enough coffee and they also come with exotic blends and a cone-shaped filter. This filter holds all the coffee and blends it well. When you want to make your coffee, all you need to do is put this little contraption in your coffee maker.

The machine makes two neat and tiny holes in the K Cup, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The next step is passing hot pressurized water through the top hole, which passes from the bottom.

Why K Cup?
The idea behind this neat contraption is simple. The K Cup coffee miracle ensures that just enough water passes through for the perfect blend, giving you the perfect cup of coffee. It’s selling point is the consistency. You will get an impeccable flavor each and every time.

You’re also saving up on time because you skip the entire step of having to load the seeds in the coffee maker. Another reason K Cup coffee is so popular is the variety they offer for the coffee lovers. Any kind of blends can be mixed in a set quantity, giving the coffee lover the exact flavor they expect. You can be very sure that Keurig is making every flavor imaginable- Tully’s, Caribou, Coffee People, Gloria Jean’s, and Emeril’s are only a few of the many blends you can get your hands on.

K Cups are the quickest way you can get good quality, roast and ground coffee. Depending on what flavor pack you pick, you have a huge variety to choose from.