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Things you should know before buying an over range microwave

Things you should know before buying an over range microwave

Are you perplexed by the thought of which over range microwave oven to buy? Don’t worry, follow the guideline below to choose the best. Over range microwaves, also known as above range microwaves, are placed above the kitchen range and are the best option when it comes to space management.

Take care of the size
The size of the microwave is of paramount importance. If you have a big family and you are expecting to cook large quantities of food in the microwave, then the obvious choice should be the bigger one. If you are going to cook only small quantities in the microwave then you can go for the standard size.

Check the wattage
The universally known fact is that more the wattage of your microwave, faster will be your cooking. However, wattage also varies with size. You will never find any model of microwave with a small size and a high wattage. The wattage increases with the size of the microwave.

Consider the important features
The basic feature that must be present is a turntable. Turntables automatically rotate your food inside the oven to ensure even cooking. In their absence, you have to stop the microwave at regular intervals and rotate the food manually to achieve perfect cooking. Convection heating is not a common feature but still, if you want great baked food, ensure that convection heating option is available. Child lockout is another important feature to look for especially if you have a young child in your house for whom it will not be safe to handle the microwave. Some models have child-proof doors, which can be locked and unlocked by means of a keypad. It is safe because when the dishes come out of the microwave, they can be extremely hot and a child will probably not understand that. Automatic sensing technology is a must if you are new to the use of a microwave to cook food. Often, we see people baffled on manually setting the time for cooking. Automatic sensing will tell you automatically when the food is ready. It analyses the steam inside the oven and can predict whether the food is fully cooked or not.

Pros and cons of over range microwaves
Over range microwaves are the best when it comes to space management, especially when you have a small kitchen. These microwaves are usually placed at a height so that the space at the normal level can be utilized for other things.
Over range microwaves have inbuilt exhausts, which will eliminate any unnecessary steam or odor.

If you do not have wall cabinets pre-installed at a certain height which will be within your reach, you cannot install over range microwaves. Another major drawback is that you cannot watch your food being cooked and moreover, it is risky when you take out the hot pots from the microwave placed at a certain height, especially for shorter people.
With these guidelines, it should be easier for you to buy the best over range microwave for your home.