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Tips on how and where to find senior citizen flight deals

Tips on how and where to find senior citizen flight deals

Senior airfare discounts are hard to find these days. There are airlines that still offer flight deals for them. One of the most common offers that you may come across is the 10 percent off on full fare price of a flight. The age eligibility ranges from 50-65. The 10 percent off deal may sound great at first, but it’s a fact that offers like these can become obsolete because of the ever-rising flight prices.

If you’re not able to find a senior discount, there are still ways to find low-cost airfare:

  • You can subscribe to airline’s newsletters via their official website or subscribe to other travel booking websites to keep a track on various offers and deals for senior citizens.
  • If you are not getting the appropriate senior citizen flight deals, you can always preplan your trip. This way you can save a certain amount on your pre-bookings.
  • Be aware of hidden costs. There are airlines that charge extra for preferred seats and some even for meals. So if you are okay with not having in-flight meals, you can certainly save some dollars.
  • Senior fares might cost more than the airline’s on-line-only specials, but, there can be benefits to booking these discounted tickets as these tickets are often refundable if you cancel your flight.
  • Go thoroughly through the fine print of the terms and conditions before booking any such deals. Even better, get in touch with the airline authorities before going ahead with the booking.

Here are some of the popular airlines that offer senior citizen air-fares:

  • American Airlines offers senior citizen fares for some domestic flights. The age eligibility is 65 years and above.
  • Delta airlines offer senior discounts on certain itineraries, but they aren’t available online.

United Airlines: United offers senior citizen discounts in certain markets.

Air France: Senior citizens of age 60 and above, flying with Air France can avail discounts on airfares. To avail the discounts, proof of age must be shown. The tickets can also be changed at no charge or even refunded in certain conditions.

British Airways: Partnering with the AARP, British Airways offers discounts of up to $400 on certain flights exclusively for AARP members.

Southwest Airlines offers discounted fares for citizens 65 or older and must be booked over the phone. You can also avail additional benefits as senior fares are fully refundable. You can get in touch with the airlines by visiting their official websites or contacting them through the phone to avail senior citizen deals.