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Tips to find the best mortgage lenders

Tips to find the best mortgage lenders

Managing home finances is all about being smart and thinking logically at every challenge put forth you. Take home loans for example. If you are a seasoned home buyer, you will know the pain. What about the first timers? Following are the most workable and smart solutions if you are looking for the best mortgage lenders in town:

Set a good credit score
Best mortgage lenders look for borrowers who meet a certain credit and annual income criteria. These are the two most important norms to qualify for buying a home. A bad credit score may send wrong signs to lenders, which means they may give you a loan at a higher interest rate. The better your credit score and frequent on-time payments, you eventually become the favorable customer. This will also put you in a better position for negotiation for better rates with potential lenders.

To form a good credit score, first you need to have an accurate and error-free report. You can get your report from major credit bureaus.

Know the lending landscape
Out of the lot, it is quite difficult to distinguish between the best mortgage lenders. Here are the most common types of lenders you will get to choose from:

Credit unions: These type of financial institutions generally offer lower interest rates to borrowers. Many of them often have eased membership constraints, making it easy for one to join.
Mortgage bankers: They work for one financial institution and provide loans approved by the bank’s underwriters.
Correspondent lenders: These are local mortgage organizations that provide loan.
Savings and loans: These are smaller financial institutions and are found in the communities.
Mutual savings banks: They are thrift institutions, like savings and loans, and are locally focused and often competitive.

Compare rates from several mortgage lenders
This is where you need to give your sweat and blood and do a bit of research. As discussed, there are all kinds of mortgage lenders, ranging from neighborhood banks, big commercial banks to credit unions and online mortgage lenders.

You can start by searching the best mortgage rates on the Internet. You can further negotiate the rates with the lender or broker, who will access your credit information and process a loan application to provide an accurate rate.

You can also pick the right lender/broker from the best mortgage lenders by asking the right questions. Ask for referrals from friends, family, or your real estate agent, or by reading online reviews. Examine the names referred to you and pick the best.