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Tips to maintain your electric ranges

Tips to maintain your electric ranges

As soon as your cooking range is ready to use, it is imperative to read the tips and tricks to maintain the same. Understand and remember a few tips to keep it working as efficiently as new.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain electric ranges of all types:

  • All electric ranges come with a user manual. Go through the user manual carefully before you get going. The technical guide and installer may also guide you through the whole process of cooking, cleaning, maintaining, etc. Listen carefully and note the do’s and don’ts.
  • Always remember that electric ranges must be switched off before cleaning or during maintenance.
  • Refer to the website of the brand of the cooking range that you purchased. Thoroughly watch the study tutorial videos for cleaning and maintenance of your cooktop appliance.
  • Each time you cook, make sure that you wipe away excess food, oil or any spillage on the cooktop. This will ensure that your cooktop remains spic and span while increasing the life of your electric ranges.
  • Once you are done the cooking, use lint free cloth or cloth rags to wipe and clean liquid spilled on the cooktop.
  • Cooking ranges with coil burners are easy on the pocket and extremely easy to clean. They simply burn off bits of food item stuck on them. People who work on a tight budget prefer to buy a coil burner system. These ranges are cheaper to maintain and replace as and when required.
  • Glass tops should be wiped only after they have cooled down completely. This is done to avoid the drastic switch in temperature that can not only affect the heating system but also crack the glass.
  • Use warm soapy water or appliance cleaner liquids to spray and wipe away the oil deposits that accumulate over time on the knobs.

Always remember that you should hire an experienced and licensed electrician to work on your electrical products. Whenever there is an issue, or you when you require general servicing and maintenance of the product, trust the experienced for better work.