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Top 5 luxurious train trips

Top 5 luxurious train trips

A trip by train is a delight for everyone, be it a child or an adult. Add to it dollops of luxury and you will be on a journey of a lifetime. The verdant plains, the towering mountains, and expansive prairies form the picturesque backdrop of the countryside. The busy cities, historic sites, and other attractions complete the picture. A journey through this fairyland takes on an altogether different meaning with a luxury train trip. Here is a list of the top five luxury train trips in the country.

California Zephyr
This train runs between Chicago and Emeryville near Berkeley, traversing through the Southern Pacific Donner Pass route. The train covers scenic segments through Rocky Mountains and the Sierras. The compartments have sleeper cars as well as dome cars to give the passengers the best view possible. The three-day two-night trip offers a scenic journey at all-inclusive prices on this luxury train trip.

The Rocky Mountaineer
This train enables the experience of five-star luxuries en route a travel through North America. The best route is from Banff to Vancouver, which captures the scenic beauty as well as your imagination. September to October is the best time to travel when the snow falls fresh and the leaves turn a dazzle of colors from reds to browns with the approaching autumn.

The Canadian
It is luxury redefined with a train trip offered by VIA Rail. This luxury train trip covers the route encompassing the most beautiful cities of Toronto and Vancouver. The journey takes a total of four days taking travelers in the lap of luxury with deluxe sleepers and gourmet meals. The all-inclusive tickets cover a washroom and a private minibar as well. An in-carriage TV screen will keep occupants busy when the train makes its journey through the countryside at night.

Coast Starlight
This is a stunning luxury train trip with once-in-a-lifetime travel experience through Seattle and Los Angeles. The luxurious journey by Amtrak is the most popular long distance and luxurious travel with a dining car, a sleeping car, and a lounge. The private rooms with beds provide an access to the Pacific parlor car with its dome windows. The evenings are filled with not-to-be-forgotten wine and cheese parties.

Southwest Chief
The train takes you on the journey following the same route between Los Angeles and Chicago as it did in 1930s when celebrities used to take this train to travel. The journey aboard the train in a private sleeping room will let you view the most iconic sights along the grandeur of West America.