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Top 5 monthly cell phone plans

Top 5 monthly cell phone plans

You cannot arrive at the best-unlimited cell phone plans unless you are meticulous about your research. Monthly cell phone charges can be pretty high even if you have opted for bundled or family plans. While searching for plans, list wireless carriers in your area, their coverage, speed, discounts, deals, and offers. Choose a plan that saves cost and gives you additional benefits. Here are five unlimited plans from leading carriers that can be helpful to you:

Verizon Welcome Unlimited
Welcome Unlimited Plan from Verizon is a plan for those who want to switch carriers. It offers $240 for every line you switch. It does not offer a device; you must bring it with you. The plan costs $30 a month per line for four lines. You have to set up Autopay to cover the costs. You get unlimited talk time and text and 4G LTE. This plan is ideal if there are four family members or you want to switch the existing four lines. When you shift the four lines, Verizon gives you an e-gift card worth $240 for every line you switch to Verizon.

Mint Mobile 3-month Unlimited Plan
If you are new to Mint, want to save lots of money, and have more than one line, you can opt for this unlimited plan. Check for coverage and speed in your location. This plan gives you unlimited nationwide talking and texting. Though data is unlimited, data speed may reduce after you reach 35 GB. You are also eligible for free international calls to Canada and Mexico. The plan also includes a 5GB mobile hotspot, wifi calling, and texting. The plan costs $30 per month, and you can join the plan by paying $90 for three months. After three months, you can continue to save money by renewing the plan for 3 or 6 months or one year and continue to avail of savings.

AT&T Unlimited Extra
The Unlimited Extra plan adds many perks to an unlimited data plan costing $75 per month. It is a no-contract plan. You pay by setting up Autopay and avail of paperless billing. The plan gives you a 15GB mobile hotspot data allowance and a 50GB de-prioritization threshold. You also get to make free international calls to Mexico and Canada.,

Visible Wireless Unlimited Plan
The Visible Wireless Unlimited Plan is a cheap, unlimited plan that works with Verizon 4G and 5G networks. There is no data speed cap for LTE, and there are no additional fees. You can buy this plan online only as Visible has no physical stores. The cost of the plan is $40 per month. You can also share the benefits of this unlimited plan with three other people using Visible’s Party Pay feature.

T-Mobile Base Essentials
This plan offers 20GB of high-speed data, unlimited talk and text, and unlimited hotspot tethering at 3G speeds. It is a postpaid plan costing $45 a month per line. Once you use the 20 GB data, data speeds are reduced to 1.5 Mbps until the next billing cycle. Once you join this plan, you get a year of free access to Paramount +. If you add more lines, it gets cheaper. Tax and fees are additional and not included in the plan amount.

We hope this guide helps you choose a plan best suited for your needs.