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Top seven benefits of walk-in tub showers

Top seven benefits of walk-in tub showers

Walkin tub showers are now redefining the bathing experience. Mostly, these tub showers are used by people who suffer from mobility issues. It is a great way to avoid slipping since it does not require any ‘jumping’ over. Here are certain benefits of using a walk in bathtub:

Cost efficient
These tub showers are a one-time investment and have a very low cost of maintenance. The cost of basic tubs varies from $5000-$7000. Since not much needs to be supplied after its installment, it is very pocket-friendly.

The risk of falling or slipping over in the shower or bathtub is always there. However, in a tub shower, the doors are sturdy and hence can be used as a support when entering and leaving the tub. The walk tub shower minimizes the chances of slipping and hence, enhances safety levels.

Walkin tub showers provide the best in-house therapies. They relieve body aches and relax strained muscles. There are whirlpool jets and air baths, which help in reducing stress and provide relaxation.

Quick draining facilities are available in most tubs, and hence, sanitation is no longer an issue. It has sloped areas to avoid water logging. The floor material is slip proof and reduces the formation of fungi or algae over time.

Many additions can be made to the walkin tub showers as per your needs. As an addition to the leak-proof vacuum floor, there are options to add handrails, seats as well as textured pads.

Increases the value of the house
Since the tub showers are highly popular, a house which already has one of these automatically attracts more buyers who are willing to pay more. The value of houses escalates even more in retirement communities, as they are convenient for the elderly.

Good old showers
It is not necessary to use these tub showers as they are. They can be used directly as just a shower. Most walkin tub showers are equipped with a hand-held shower too.

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