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Top two ways to buy a pre owned car

Top two ways to buy a pre owned car

Picking a reliable dealership to buy pre owned cars is a difficult task as you are unsure about the general market trends when you’re shopping for a car at a single spot. One can buy a pre owned car at a one-to-one transaction, a dealership, or even online. In order to pick the right deal and be satisfied with a good car, one should understand the functioning and ethics of these selling places so that a buyer can be at ease with their purchase. Two of the best market choices to buy pre owned cars are:

  • Certified Cars:

Buying a pre owned car through a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program is a win for many buyers as they wind up with a warranty and the assurance of a quality car. However, choosing between brands is always the hardest part because the buyer is confused about which brand to pick and what offers are on show. Every car that gets certified undergoes scrutiny in order to meet the CPO requirements which include the car’s age, set number of miles that should not be exceeded, and a complete quality inspection of all internal parts including easily wear parts like the tires. In order for a car to be eligible, the basic requirement lined out by most car makers, the car has to be within 5 years of age, should be within 60,000 miles of driving, and must undergo a 150 point inspection to get the accreditation. As a result of this, the car then passes a phase of testing through the auto company’s technicians before being rolled into the market with a good warranty option and extra perks.

  • Private Sale:

Buying pre owned cars through an ad that you saw or through online websites that put up seller ads can be an advantage as you will get to interact with the car owner most times and get a first-hand knowledge of the car’s history. A one-to-one deal will be easy to handle and more honest than dealers who sell fleets of cars. Moreover, the negotiation terms would be better at this type of sale.

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