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Top washer dryer bundles under $1200 from Sears

Top washer dryer bundles under $1200 from Sears

Washer dryer bundles are appliances that offered as one set for sale. A lot of brands offer washer and dryer bundles for various capacities. These are meant to match each other in color and design so that they look like a compact unit.

Both, the washer and dryer in such bundles are from the same company and have capacities that will complement each other’s functions. While you do get two large washing and drying appliances, it is not always necessary that you need to spend a bomb on them. There are various bundles available from some of the best washer and dryer brands at affordable rates as well.

Here are some of the top washer and dryer bundles that are available under USD 1200 at Sears.

Kenmore 3.7cu. ft. Front-Load Washer & 7.0cu. ft. Gas Dryer Bundle

You can be assured of quality washing experience with Kenmore. Kenmore machines are manufactured by the Whirlpool Corp and hence have a style and design similar to the Whirlpool washers and dryers. This is one of the cheapest washer and dryer bundles available at Sears and is priced at a slashed price of USD 1109.98. The washer is HE certified and offers five different options of wash cycles, temperatures, spinning speed, and dirt removal levels.

The dryer has a seven cubic per foot capacity, enough to take care of the laundry needs for small to medium-sized families. The gas dryer has sensors that dry the clothes to just the right temperature by sensing the moisture in it. This helps in preventing the clothes from getting over dried and damaged.

Maytag 4.3cu. ft. Top Load Washer & 7.0cu. ft. Gas Dryer

Yet another one among the top washer and dryer bundles, this bundle comprises of the Bravos top loader washer and gas dryer of the MGDX655DW range from Maytag. The bundle is available at USD 1099.26 at Sears and can be bought as clearance washer and dryer sets at cheap rates during the clearance time. The washer is capable of excellent stain removal and performs equally well with delicates as well.

One of the highlights of the dryer in this bundle is its seven cubic feet capacity that can tackle a large load of clothes. The dyer’s IntelliDry sensor lets the machine automatically sense the load of clothes to run it for an appropriate time to dry it completely and has a wrinkle control feature as well making the bundle one of the best washer and dryer bundles available under USD1200.

Whirlpool 4.3cu. ft. Cabrio Top Load Washer & 7.0cu. ft. Gas Dryer

The Whirlpool top load washer is a great washing machine to own, especially for medium-sized families as it can tackle a larger load of clothes as compared to the washers of the other washer and dryer bundles. The washer has a pre-soak option that allows the convenient washing of extra dirty clothes.

The dryer ensures efficient and wrinkle-free drying each time with its wrinkle-free drying mechanism. Its sensors detect the load to choose the appropriate cycle and ensure that there are no damp clothes when the washing cycle completes.

These washer-dryer bundles on sale during the holidays/clearance sale period are available at an even cheaper rate. Sears always has some amazing discounts to offer. Before you opt for any bundle, make sure you read up well about the make and model of the various washer and dryer bundles available to make an informed purchase.