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Type 2 diabetes treatment and the diet to follow

Type 2 diabetes treatment and the diet to follow

Type 2 diabetes is known as the acquired type of diabetes. It affects any age when the insulin functioning is disturbed and breaking down of sugars in the body is compromised in one way or the other. Type 2 DM is reversible if the underlying factor is rectified before diabetes reaches a severe level. While Type 1 diabetes is reduced upon administration of insulin, type 2 improves upon hindering the factor that causes diabetes. Insulin can also be used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes but its effects will not be long lasting. This is because the underlying factor keeps on lowering insulin levels to below the normal levels.

Causes of type 2 diabetes: Before knowing the type nn2 diabetes treatment, it is good to understand the possible causes of the condition. A reduction in the production of insulin is one of the primary causes. It could also be due to cancer of the liver and pancreas or accidents involving the liver and pancreas. It could also be due to the insensitivity of insulin receptors to bind on the required sugars so that they are broken down. Research also indicates that early exposure to sugary foods could make the islets of Langerhans to get tired of producing insulin, thereby making people diabetic in the long run. The treatment of type 2 diabetes is therefore determined by the kind of cause behind it.

Precipitating factors: Since it is acquired, it means that there are some factors that can mimic diabetes type 2 symptoms. These factors include, but are not limited to, heavy consumption of sugary foods, smoking and alcohol consumption which tend to overwork the liver and pancreas. Although not all people with these lifestyles get type 2 diabetes, it is worth taking precautions. When you start experiencing fatigue, frequent urination or feel thirsty and tired, these could be signs of type 2 diabetes. People with type-two diabetes normally have a family history too.

Diet plan for diabetics: Depending on the cause and severity, there are various type 2 diabetes diet plans which people can follow to improve their health status. First, you will need to avoid sugary foods of all kinds, both processed and natural. The only fruits you should take are avocados and apples. You should include proteins like meat and also include vegetables in your diet. Carbohydrates should be taken, but if possible, avoid them. Your diet itself should be optimum to avoid obesity and weight gain, which are also precipitating factors of type 2 diabetes. You can take whole grains, but avoid fats, since they tend to break down into sugars at some point, especially when you are fasting.

Managing type 2 diabetes is easy only when the underlying factor is eliminated. This is why you should undergo a series of diagnostic tests to determine the severity and extent of diabetes. This is the best way to ensure perfect treatment.