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Types Of Tonneau Covers According To Material And Opening Style

Types Of Tonneau Covers According To Material And Opening Style

Types of tonneau covers according to material and opening style

Utility vehicles and trucks for transportation come in various sizes. These transport vehicles have beds where material can be loaded and can be rigged adequately to avoid any movement and damage of material during transit. Most significant upgrade of these utility vehicles would be tonneau covers of various types.

Tonneau covers will add to the aesthetic appearance of utility vehicles and also add to their functionality. They play a significant role in reducing drag and ultimately increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. We can improve the rugged looks of rigs and protect the bed, and everything kept on it.

Tonneau covers are available in various colors and opening styles and much more.

  • Trifold tonneau covers
    These tonneau covers are made with durable double-sided vinyl and powder-coated aluminum frame for better durability. These can be easily folded towards the cabin of the utility vehicle, and thus it is effortless to use them. They don’t need any drilling as they are pre-assembled and come with hinged sections that make them easy to install.
  • Folding tonneau cover
    These covers are made with heavy duty aluminum panels that come with a scratch resistant powder coated matte finish. These covers provide complete bed access through their folds, and we can also lock the panels for added safety of the material kept inside.
  • Roll up tonneau cover
    These can be made according to the size of various truck beds. These covers can be rolled up towards the cabin of the vehicle. Provided with a hassle free sealing arrangement along their edges, the material kept inside enjoys better protection.
  • Foldable tonneau cover
    The major change here is the material used. These covers are made with aircraft grade-aluminum frame that is light weight still strong. The cover is made with premium grade canvas or vinyl. We can have smooth contours for a finished look.
  • Retractable tonneau cover
    This can be installed efficiently with drill-free clamp design. These covers flush fit to the truck bed and can be opened from either side with a full-width handle.