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Various blender parts that you must know about

Various blender parts that you must know about

Blenders are commonly used kitchen appliances. They consist of some assembled parts all of which play a vital role in carrying out the types of blending operations. Here is a brief introduction to all the blender parts.

Out of all the blender parts, the base is the most important. The motor that provides power to the blending blades sits on top of the base of a blender. This motor provides power required to carry out blending process. It also contains the blender control manual, from which you can easily select the type of blending process that you want to carry out at a particular intensity.

Blade and gasket
Blender blade is of utmost importance in carrying out the blending process. Usually, it is made of stainless steel. Blade assembly can have a number of blades, ranging from two to four, or even five sometimes. A rubber ring or gasket imparts leak-proof capacity to blades. It sits between the top of the blade and bottom of the jar.

It is one of main blender parts in which all the ingredients are stored and covered with the lid. Jars are made of different materials, ranging from hardened glass to plastic. In order to keep the jar in position, it is installed on top of a jar base.

Jar base
Jar base is one of the vital blender parts that facilitate handling and carries out the operation of a blender. The jar base may or may not be similar to blender in terms of material used for its manufacturing. Jar base is a round-shaped unit with a center hole. It assists in holding the blender jar.

Lids and fill caps
Lids and fill caps are also essential blender parts. Lids are typically made of rubber and feature a hole in the center. Its main function is to prevent the ingredients from moving out of the jar during the process of blending. A fill cap’s main benefit is that it allows you to add items to the blender without removing the lid of the jar. In some blenders, lids are made of different materials other than rubber, like hardened glass, mixed materials, and plastic.