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4 ways to make your home safe from burglary

4 ways to make your home safe from burglary

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, in every 17.5 seconds, burglars break into homes, but with some small changes in your house, such a common threat can be dodged. These simple ways to make your home safe from burglary can prevent many misfortunes, especially when it comes to your loved ones.

Start with simple windows, doors, lock, and keys
You should secure all your doors and windows not only during the nights but also during daytime. Make use of interlocking mechanisms if available in your windows, which can make it tough for burglars to unlatch the window or door lock by slipping credit cards. Windows with interlock systems must be aligned properly to make the whole security system work efficiently.
The windows, which are situated near the doors must always be locked during nights and never keep your windows open more than 6 inches in the nighttime. Keep your house keys in less obvious and uncommon places and not below the doormat, above the door frame, in the garage under the paint can, etc. since burglars will target these areas first.

Make use of tempered safety glass
Burglars can easily break the ordinary glass of windows and come in and unlock the doors. So, make sure that it’s tempered safety glass. This type of glass is four times stronger than regular glass, and it’s difficult to break. Another way to make your home safe from burglary is to use deadbolts besides basic locks. Multi-point lock system with deadbolts extending from door to the door frame cannot be bypassed easily by burglars. Reinforce the lock area with a 20 gauge metal plate to make the door kick-proof.

Protect patio door
Most burglars can easily open patio door latches from outside by applying simple force. So make sure you use a wooden block or rod in the track to prevent it opening from outside and ensure that patio door rollers are working efficiently and the door is not wobbly. Foot locks can prevent the sliding of a patio door too.

Home automation systems
You can use these automatic security systems to monitor and control your household appliances and devices like air-conditioning, garage doors, energy control units, motion sensors, blinds and curtains, security cameras etc. remotely. It is a very smart way of preventing theft or other criminal activities.