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What Makes The Macbook Pro A Unique Product

What Makes The Macbook Pro A Unique Product

Interested in buying from the latest innovative range of laptops? Macbook Pro from Apple which was initially launched in the country and is easily available across all cities and towns in the country is one of the innovative laptops that you should consider buying.

The Macbook Pro was initially launched on October 27, 2016, and was refreshed in June 2017 with an addition of KABY lake processor. The new redefined Macbook Pro is available in 13 and 15 inches screen size and is thinner, smaller, and lighter than the previous variants.

Apple’s Macbook Pro has an aluminum body and it is available in silver and grey color. This new Macbook Pro is now available with a brand new touch bar which is built into the keyboard at a place where the function key was initially placed.

The force touch trackpad below the keyboard and the keyboard itself has been redesigned and is comparatively thinner as compared to the previous model. The display in the new Macbook Pro has been redesigned with the same being brighter and offers better contrast and wide color gamut support which gives better and vivid colors. Louder speakers have also been added which has made the sound quality more comprehensive and clear.

Macbook Pro now offers an efficient KABY lake processor with faster drives with storage up to 2TB and a much faster RAM. The Macbook Pro also comes with a better graphics card in the 15-inch Macbook Pro model.

The 13-inch model of Macbook Pro is priced at around $1,799 while the 15-inch model costs approximately $2,399. Lately, two low-cost 13-inches Macbook Pro models have been launched which have been priced at around $1,299 to $1,499. It does not come with a touch bar and offers the standard function keys. This model is known to have slower graphics and a slower processor with only two USB-C ports.

  • Touch ID
    The Macbook Pro comes with a touch ID fingerprint sensor which has been adopted in design and essence from the iPhone. This touch ID on the Macbook can usually unlock the same when you place a finger on the sensor and the same can also be used to make any kind of Apple pay purchase which can be done with help of Safari web browser. This touch ID is powered by a separate chip that keeps the personal data of a person safe. One is sure that the security of the Macbook Pro is intact.
  • Design
    In terms of design, the Macbook Pro in both 13 and 15-inch variants are smaller and lighter than their predecessors. Both these models come in gray color which has been a standard for Macbook Pro since its launch. The Macbook Pro has been entirely made out of aluminum and has a better hinge design that has a wide trackpad, redesigned keyboard and a touch bar which is a real innovation from Macbook. The 15-inch Macbook Pro from Apple measures 13.75 inches in length, 9.48 inches in width and 15.5 mm in thickness. The Macbook weighs four pound which is thinner and smaller than its previous variant. In comparison, the 13 inch variant of Macbook Pro measures 11.97 in length, 8.36 inches in width and 14.9 mm in thickness. This variant of Macbook weighs three pounds which is also thinner and smaller than its previous variant.
  • Display
    The display in the new variants of Macbook Pro is 67 percent brighter and has a contrast ratio which is also 67 percent more with the color being bright by 25 percent.
  • Battery life
    The battery life in new Macbook Pro is also much better than the previous variants with the same being one hour more and the same runs on a 76-watt hour lithium polymer battery which is charged through an 87 W USB-C adapter.

You can purchase any of these Macbook Pro laptops from the online Apple store in the country and the same will be delivered to your home within a week of the order being placed.