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What You Need to Know about the Types of Floor Mats

What You Need to Know about the Types of Floor Mats

A floor mat is a flat piece of material laid on the floor at home, in offices, establishments, and vehicles. The objective is to maintain cleanliness and safety. When you enter your home, you would definitely not like to see the interior of your home riddled with dust or dirt. The floor becomes dirty from the dirt lingering on the soles of your shoes acquired from walking outside. You would like to rub your boots or wipe your foot on a coarse floor mat laid at the entrance of the house. This is to get rid of the dirt or dust. Such a floor mat is called doormat.

After shower or after cleaning the floor of your bathroom, you are likely to step out of the bathroom with wet feet. A rubberized floor mat placed outside the bathroom door will help you to dry your feet. You can thereby prevent yourself from slipping, especially if it is anti-slippery mat.

Usefulness of floor mats

– Provides safe surface to enable walking with ease
– Prevents trip and fall mishaps
– Reduces fatigues to surgeons at the hospital
– Arrests dust and dirt and prevents spreading of the same
– Dries your wet feet

Types of floor mats

These days retail stores stock floor mats of several different varieties. These are as follows:

– Doormats or Entrance Mats or Welcome Mats
– Bathroom mats
– Vehicle floor mats
– Anti-vibration floor mats
– Anti-fatigue floor mats
– Decorative floor mats

Types and material of floor mats

Materials for doormats are of tough, durable materials. Such materials are coir, fibers, nylon, rubber, and cloth. Bathroom mats are of nylon and rubber material.

Vehicle floor mats are made of molded rubber or a blend of nylon and rayon or of loop material. The vehicle floor mat prevents to isolate the dirt, mud or snow from spoiling the carpet on the floor of a vehicle.

Floor mats for a decorative purpose are of textile quality cloth or synthetic fibers. They find use in decorating a certain part of a house such as center table can stand on a decorative mat.
An anti-fatigue floor mat covers floors in operation theatres in hospitals and clinics during surgeries. This is to reduce fatigue to the doctors resulting from continuous standing. Also, these mats are laid on the kitchen floor to cut down fatigue during cooking. Anti-fatigue mats find use in industry and continuous production lines too. These mats are made of vinyl, wood, PVC cell foam, polypropylene, and nitrile rubber. These mats have a cushioning effect to maintain blood flow in the body.

Install an anti-vibration floor mat between a heavy rotating machine and the concrete floor. This performs the function of isolating vibration between the machine and the floor. The vibration mat prevents damage to the floor.

Floor mats come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. Often, these come in rectangular shapes. These are also available in elliptical (oval), square or round shapes. They can have spikes or grooves to arrest dirt and moisture. Using a high-quality floor mat will enhance the air quality you respire while being at your abode.

Other types of floor mats

To cover the floor, woven or braided floor mats of fibrous material are also used. Coconut fibers or jute goes to make these coarse floor mats.

Locker room or poolside floor mats are high-quality rubber drainage mats to keep the area dry.

Gym mats lend comfort and safety to people exercising.

An anti-static floor mat is non-conductive in nature. This insulates workers from deadly shocks generated by high voltage equipment. This also gives safety from equipment having the static charge.

Interlocking floor mats or modular interlocking floor mats are made of rubber or foam. They find use in fitness centers, trade shows, and construction sites.

If you need a floor mat for a certain purpose, you can visit a retail store. There are a lot of manufacturers offering various types of floor mats. You can surf the web to shop for the right floor mat.