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Why are Columbia jackets such a popular choice

Why are Columbia jackets such a popular choice

Established in 1938 as the Columbia Hat Company in Portland, Oregon, the Columbia Sportswear Company is now one of the largest outdoor apparel brands in the world.

Tested in the harshest of climates for their strength and durability, the range of jackets offered by Columbia is astounding: insulated and down jackets, 3 in 1 interchange jackets, jackets to protect from rain and strong wind, jackets made of fleece, hard and soft shells, casual jackets and vests, and best of all, their ski and snowboard jackets. Furthermore, Columbia coats are made in sizes starting from XS and go on to S, M, L, XL, XXL, and from 1X till 6X, from LT to 4XT, and in sizes 38 till 50! And it doesn’t stop there! There are special sizes, big and tall too. Phew! That is indeed a very long list of sizes the Columbia company caters to. Advancing to the fun part, most Columbia coats are made in varied colors too, from the regular black and white to charcoal and light gray, subdued yellow/peppercorn, softened rust to bright red and tangy orange, moss and lime green, and even copper sulfate blue. No doubt, you are certainly spoiled for choice.

Columbia jackets and coats are designed for many purposes. Whether you want to keep yourself warm, dry, cool, or protected, whatever be the goal, there is a jacket for every purpose, it fits that are categorized into four: Active, Modern Classic, Regular, and Relaxed. If you’re a person who loves the great outdoors, adventures, and sports, or just like to travel and relax, you could choose from many Columbia jackets that are on sale. There are some for winter, some for the times you feel like walking on the trails, for when you go fishing, when you go hunting into the deep woods, for travel around or outside the country, to play golf, to be trendy or comfortable in college, and for relaxed evening or weekend wear.

Columbia is the leader in the outdoor apparel industry, the cutting edge technology they possess and their remarkable in-store service are unrivaled. More so are their prices. Columbia jackets and coats are affordable by everyone. With Columbia jackets, you can face the elements with confidence and courage.