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Why is the Chevrolet Colorado considered best?

Why is the Chevrolet Colorado considered best?

Chevrolet Colorado is a compact pickup truck sold and marketed by American Automobile manufacturers General Motors. The first generation of this vehicle hit markets in 2004, after which it has been quite successful. The mid size pickup is an excellent vehicle with its igneous design, modern security features and versatility.

General Motor’s North American Operations, their Brazilian operations and Isuzu, jointly designed the first generation of these automobiles (2004-2012). The Second generation of these vehicles launched in 2012. It is available in three different cab sizes- that are regular, extended and crew cab.

The automobile comes with all the features of a truck except its large size. It comes with at 8-speed automatic transmission system, which provides a smooth and easy drive. The engine is built in-house, and its superior design keeps both revs and the noise levels down, even at highway speeds.

In 2017, General Motors released their latest addition to the series, in the form of Colorado ZR2. Colorado ZR2 is a class in itself. Although it really is an off-road truck, it offers the best of both worlds as it is comfortable to drive around the city also. The vehicle is loaded with certain exclusive features like Multimatic Shocks and front and rear electronic locking differentials.

It comes in the prize range of $20,955 to $42,620. The off-road technology allows you to seamlessly pick any kind of terrain, be it dessert, mountain or marshy areas. The chassis of this vehicle is built to withstand harsh weather and tough roads. A wider track and skid plates provide enhanced stability.

The ZR2 has a 3.5-inch wider stack as compared to its predecessors. This provides a much greater stability, especially in rocky and mountain terrain. The Multimatic shock absorbers work so efficiently that a change of direction is possible almost immediately after landing a jump or coming out of a turn.

A 3.6-liter V6 engine gives approximately 308 horsepower and 275-pound feet of torque powers the Colorado ZR2. This is the same as its predecessors.