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Why you should choose time warner cable for your internet services

Why you should choose time warner cable for your internet services

Time Warner Cable is one of the most reputed cable television services in the country. In terms of revenue, Time Warner was the second largest cable company. Charter Communications acquired the company in 2016. The corporate headquarters of Time Warner Internet is located midtown in New York City. There are several corporate offices located in Virginia, North Carolina, Charlotte, Connecticut and Stamford.

Reasons to choose time warner internet services

In the present economic scenario, Time Warner Cable is one of the highest grossing cable internet provider in the country. You can select from a variety of packages catering to the needs of consumers. Their internet speeds are incomparably fast. If you are not able to decide which service provider should you go for, Time Warner Cable could be your finest choice for the following reasons.

Fast internet: Time Warner Cable can provide you an exceptionally fast internet speed. In certain areas of the United States, you can get speeds up to 300MBPS for downloading, and up to 20 MBPS for uploading. This earns them recognition as one of the fastest internet service providers. If speed is your first priority, then you must opt for Time Warner Cable. But you should also check whether the high speed connection is available in your locality.

Six packages to select from: Time Warner Cable will appeal to anyone with its wide range of offers and packages. No matter whether you are a light or heavy user, you will find something that suits you. The Lite package offers a download speed of 1MBPS, while the Ultimate plan is at 50MBPS. These varied options make it simple to select a plan that offers the speed range you need without charging you extra dollars.

No need for a credit check: By default, Time Warner Cable runs a credit check when you sign up for their internet service. But in case the credit is less than perfect, there are several ways to bypass this. For instance, if you set up recurring payments while creating the account, the company won’t run a credit check. This can be done over the phone, through live chat, or while creating the account online.

Access internet anywhere, any time: When you sign up for any internet plan from Time Warner Cable, you also get access to different hotspot zones. This means you can use internet service on the go. But you should note here that there are exceptions to this facility with the Basic and Lite plan.

If you can choose wisely, Time Warner Cable will offer you the best internet service for your home and business needs.