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Wii U by Nintendo – A robust gaming console with great features

The new game console by Nintendo is an anomaly in the game console market. Nintendo is a renowned company which, in the past, highly popularized stylus-powered gaming, motion-based gaming, and microphone-powered gaming.

Nintendo upgraded its features with the Wii U console by pushing the console’s control inputs ahead. You can check Wii U reviews online to get a better idea of its features, pros, and cons. A wide range of Wii U deals is available on shopping websites as well.

Console hardware
The Wii U console is a relatively small box that easily slips into home media centers. The AC power port is altered slightly to make it suitable for the new, bigger adapter.

The console comes with an AMD Radeon custom high definition GPU and an IBM Power-based multi-core processor. Wii U prices ensure good value for money and start from approximately $469.99.

Top-notch controller
The console comprises a fine controller which is carefully crafted by Nintendo keeping in mind a gamer’s needs. The controller is lightweight and delivers good performance.

The battery of the controller lasts much longer than those of its contemporaries. The controller functions impressively in time-sensitive situations. Check out trusted websites such as Amazon for the best Wii U discounts!

Best Wii U deals
Nintendo offers amazing deals on the Wii U gaming console. Keep track of these deals on gaming and shopping websites. Check out the specifications and Wii U prices carefully and buy the console that suits your taste and budget.

The Wii U set premium that comes in white color is available at an approximate price of $399.97, while the Wii U Mario & Luigi Deluxe Set (Black) comes for around $499.95.

For a better gaming experience, you can choose the Wii U Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Set Console. It is available online at a price of $538.99 approximately.

The Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land Bundle are available online for $598.57 approximately. Check out details of Wii U sales online and avail the best-suited deal!

Wii U reviews
While choosing gaming consoles, it is important to consider the pros and cons carefully. Check out Wii U reviews to determine the quality of the gaming consoles this brand offers.


  • It comes with a comfortable, easy-to-use controller.
  • A unique feature is its backward compatibility with the last generation Wii.
  • It’soff-screenn play significantly changes console gaming.


  • The user interface might sometimes slow down.
  • The social functionality might not be up to the mark.

Keep these in mind before buying one. Read the Wii U reviews too.