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Wood Splitters for Gardening – An Introduction to the concepts

Wood Splitters for Gardening – An Introduction to the concepts

Wood Splitters or Log Splitters are the machinery or equipment used for separating and cutting firewood from pre-cut softwood and hardwood pieces or logs. Comprising of a rod and piston or sometimes even hydraulics, these types of machinery are capable of generating and inflicting a great amount of force. The thickness, length and other dimensions of the woodcut, depends on the pressure generated by a Wood Splitter.

All You Need To Know About Wood Splitters
While professional hydraulics-operated Wood Splitters can exert around 25 tons of pressure (sometimes even more), Wood Splitters used for domestic purposes are capable of generating a pressure of 10 tons. The third kind of wood splitter is the manual wood splitter. It uses a leverage mechanism to push a log or wood through a series of blades and screws (corkscrews). The Wood Splitter is mounted on a tractor’s power take-off shaft. Wood Splitters can run either on gasoline or diesel. It can also run using a hydraulic pump that is driven by an electric motor. A hydraulic piston is used to push the log through a stationary blade or sometimes through a corkscrew blade. Wood Splitters come in all three variations and are generally mounted on 3-point linkages.

Why Do We Need Wood Splitters?
Cutting wood is undeniably a back-breaking task. But with Wood Splitters, the work is made a thousand times easier. Machines work more efficiently and reduce manual force and labor. The cutting is fine and is done with precision. It takes lesser effort and time. Some machinery as mentioned above runs on diesel while some run on gasoline. Some wood splitters run on hydraulic pumps as well. Wood Splitters are garden tools that can make life so much easier. Garden Tools Wood Splitters are crafty, proficient and suitable for your particular purpose.
With the increase in the rate of depletion and the price of fuel and other related products, household work and businesses and equipment that need fuel have suffered a significant blow. Hence wood is needed in larger quantities. This indirectly gives rise to the need for Wood Splitters, so the work is done efficiently.

Why we need wood splitters
Some products are crafted for the sole purpose of making your life easier for you. Wood Splitters are such garden tools that promise both quality and function. Easy, efficient and affordable would be the right adjectives for Wood Splitters. Forget about constant repairs and maintenance charges. Go for only first-grade products and services when it comes to Wood Splitters or Log Splitters.

Other Uses
Wood Splitters used for chopping firewood at home are called Firewood Splitters. They are smaller than other firewood splitters. Commercial Splitters are used for producing products like maple syrup.