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5 things to know before buying toilet paper

5 things to know before buying toilet paper

It is one of the most used things in the home and office segment, still we rarely put thought before buying it. Nobody can do without toilet paper. But wouldn’t it be great to know a few things that about them? Read on and decide for yourself.

Go green
Toilet papers are often bleached with chlorine to get the white color. Chlorine, however, is not an environment-friendly material and contaminates water and air. So, always read the label to see if the toilet paper has been recycled and is free of chlorine. And, ensure that the recycled toilet papers are made by cutting trees from a government-approved forest region.

Find the perfect material
Paper’s resistance to tear indicates its strength. Ensure that when you buy toilet paper, you pick up a strong one that is durable and resistant to puncture. But that said, many toilet papers do not tear with ease, and this makes it a messy affair. Look for toilet papers with proper defined perforation.

Look for tubeless packs
Several brands have become environment-friendly and release tubeless versions of toilet paper rolls without cardboard cylinders inside. They are considered to be easy to use and are safe for the environment, too. Now that you know what to look out for in toilet papers, next time you step out to buy toilet paper, make the right choice.

Stock up on and save
Always keep an eye for sales and coupons that reduce the cost per roll. If you have tried and tested a particular brand, check out for offers related to your trusted brand. Sometimes a huge roll during a sale can save big bucks.

Easy to dispose off
Most brands now claim that their tissue rolls are easily flushable and are safe for the drainage system. But several tests conducted on them indicate otherwise. Recent tests have shown that it took at least 10 to 15 minutes to disintegrate and break it into small pieces. When tissue rolls were soaked in water overnight, some disintegrated and some did not. So, it’s a good idea to do a test trial first of a small batch before buying.

Compare, compare, and compare.
Companies are expanding their brand images to include jumbo and mega toilet papers. This makes it difficult to compare. Initially to meet competition, several brands increased the number and size of sheets. But now, it is observed that the size of the sheets and number of the sheets diminish when compared to older versions. Anyhow, it is always a good idea to check reviews and compare, before buying the stock of toilet paper rolls.

Storage matters
People buy huge bulk of toilet tissue paper, but often, they don’t see how they are stored later on. This can spoil the quality of the paper, and even cause damage. If infected, it won’t be safer to use them for personal use. Decide a place and store these toilet papers at a safe place.