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6 cheap DIY kitchen storage ideas

6 cheap DIY kitchen storage ideas

The best part about DIY ideas are that we can easily turn a few things in the house into a spoon stand or a napkin holder for the kitchen. All we need on a board are a few random items, some organized clutter lying around, and a little time for some hands-on management to add a few ideas to make our own kitchen storage.

Listed below are some cool, easy and cheap DIY kitchen storage ideas.

Jam/pickle bottles as a spice rack
The first best space to get organized is what you cook with. Pick up any equal sized jam or pickle bottles (to look good) and try and fit them inside the drawer in a manner that you use. This could easily turn into a spice rack set: all you need to do is arrange them with alphabetical labels so that they’re easier to reach while you cook. One could even use pet bottles or the beautiful apothecary jars available online or lying around the house.

Cutting boards as a magazine rack
Cutting boards can be organized as magazine racks. All one needs to do is screw two pieces of equal or same sized cutting boards (middle and bottom) directly to the inside of cabinet doors. It helps to hold the cutting boards, lids or anything flat, just like a book rack.

Adding a label chart to cabinets
Keeping storage organized is also a big deal, and one can easily add a handy label chart to the cabinet doors. Simply organize the shelves by the type of storage or arrange stuff according to the kind of food and then add a label chart on the door, so that you can see where a particular food item is without having to empty the entire shelf in case it is tucked away at the back.

Making magnet jar holders
If the cabinet storage gets a little too stuffy for you, simply attach a magnet holder to small jars of equal sizes (for uniformity). This helps to hang jars just about anywhere, whether it is inside the cabinets or even out in the open, and you wouldn’t need to have to stuff your cabinet with the jars.

Old door to organizer
Do you have an old door or a window shutter lying around? You could create a beautiful organizer with it. Simply paint the door or the window, screw the door or the window to the wall and fix them with a couple of hooks and hangers at different levels. Now, you can easily hang small items such as extra bags, towels, napkins, sprays, takeout and restaurant menus, etc.

Build you own spice rack
One can even create a spice rack using a few wooden boards or cutting boards and screwing them together.