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Perfect party appetizers

Perfect party appetizers

You can’t keep showing up with bag full of chips for every party you go to. It’s time to revamp the party menu and include delicious appetizers that are not just mouth-watering but are easy-to-prepare.

Flavorsome crab cakes
As simple as a mashed potato cake but with a twist of seafood, the crab patties are nothing but a mouthful of flavors. You can experiment with the flavors by adding more spices. Make sure to season the crab meat well before you cook them. The right balance of seasoning will keep the crab meat tender and moist. Serve with tangy dips or mustard sauce to get the extra bit of zest.

Stuffed jalapenos with cheese
This is probably one of the most easy appetizer recipes and can be made in a jiffy. Pick the cheese of your choice, whether cheddar or mozzarella, and blend it well to get an even texture. Stuff the jalapenos with this cheese mixture and cover them with a slice of chicken salami. Bake these well till they turn golden brown and you see the cheese melting. Enjoy a different version of jalapenos with stuffed cheese and surprise your family and friends at the party.

Gluten-free appetizer
Party time and you can’t barge into pastas, breads or crackers? Never mind, if you can’t go the conventional way, then try the gluten-free substitutes that are equally tasty and healthy options. Low-carb zucchini fingers can be prepared with almond crusts, which also makes them a favorite for veggie haters.

Chicken wings made in five ways
Don’t just be boring with chicken recipes; add every flavor to it to make it the hero of the party. Chicken gets easily cooked, however to give it your version of flavors, add some extra seasoning and homemade spices. Right from chicken barbeque to cheesy chicken, don’t let any of these varieties to take a back seat. You can play with the flavors but be sure to keep the spiciness under control, if you have seniors or kids at the party.

Try fried avocados
French fries are so yesteryears. You can convert the smooth avocados into a party-ready appetizer. Avocado fries can bring a plateful of texture, softness and spices to your taste palate. Don’t forget to add a range of dips including spinach and cheese, salsa, mustard sauce, or any homemade dipping sauce to complement the appetizer.

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