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Vital apps to get the best last minute deals on your next UK cruise

Vital apps to get the best last minute deals on your next UK cruise

Why book last minute travel UK, Asia, and US deals via a smartphone app? Simple, because it is quick and easy and importantly will cost about 10 to 40 percent less on your planned travel expense. According to a report, over 60 percent people prefer last minute hotel room bookings via a mobile device. Eleventh-hour travel has become such a common phenomenon that many travel booking services even have a dedicated section for them while others like the ones mentioned below are leading the travel booking niche via their impeccable last-minute hotel deal snapping services.

Available on: Android, iOS
In addition to letting you slip in a great last minute hotel deal, the app provides the best accommodations in almost all the popular travel destinations worldwide. Booking app features deals based on the best price and star rating left by users that actually booked those deals to make it easier for you to bag a rewarding last-minute deal. The app even lets users bargain inexpensive same-day reservations with a few taps on the smartphone screen. Payment is quick and you can seal a deal with net banking or even direct with your credit and debit card. All that the app requires is just a few MBs of your mobile device’s memory.

Available on: Android, iOS
Seeking over 250k hotels across the planet, all to bring you the best on-the-go deals, Hotels app is undoubtedly a great last-minute hotel booking app. In-app booking is a no brainer with the Hotels app. The Hotels app not only saves you from spending a night running all over the place for a room to stay at your destination but also saves you a few bucks while on the go. Within a short moment, spent in searching hotel deals on Hotels app from your mobile device, it lets you save 5 to 15 percent on hotel bookings.

Hotel Tonight:
Available on: Android, iOS, iPad, Windows
The name of the app is self-explanatory as it is exactly what the app does. In addition to their primary offering, the service has invested a great effort in providing the best user experience for app users. The app features a user-friendly interface that will take only a couple of minutes off your rush hour to bag you a great last minute travel UK or to elsewhere hotel deal. The app filters all the good hotel deals it can find for offering savings from 10 to 40 percent on standard bookings.

Last Minute Travel:
Available on: Android, iOS
Every entry on the hotel list generated by Last Minute Travel app is cherry-picked by the service accompanying ratings, reviews, and pictures provided by TripAdvisor. The app also offers some room locations that are not mentioned even on the official hotel Website for bookings.

Last minute deals are a wild gamble to get crazy discounts on hotel bookings, but it is definitely worth the effort. So, book hotels using your mobile phone and enjoy a great away-from-home stay!