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How to get Subway’s free printable coupons

How to get Subway’s free printable coupons

Nothing beats a fresh Subway sandwich to start your day with. If you are a sandwich lover, then you must know how good those easy-to-eat sub-sandwiches are. They are soft, tender and enriched with mouth-watering flavors. You can get both vegetarian and non vegetarian sandwiches at Subway outlets. To make the eating experience better, Subway offers printable coupons.You can get amazing discounts on different products by using these coupons. It will make your food cheaper if you use the right coupon on right food. Some combo offers are also provided for couples.

Types of Subway printable coupons
Starting from a discount of 5% to a getting a free subway classic sandwich, there are many types of coupons available. Some of them are listed below along with the amount of the offer.

  • Free 6 classic sub: Subways offers a free classic sandwich in association with the 30 Oz drinks when you sign up for Subway’s promotional text messages. You can carry these printable coupon to claim your free sandwich.
  • Any foot long $6: This is available for a limited period of time. You can order any foot-long subway for $6 only. These subs are available in steak and cheese, tuna, carved turkey and many other flavors.
  • Sub of the day: Available for a limited period of time every week, you could get the sub of the day for $3.5 only.
  • $2 each Sub: Available in combo offers only. Buy more than 2 combos with 30 Oz drink and get the classic sub for $2 each.
  • National sandwich day: Buy a sub along with a 30 Oz drink and get another one for free.
  • $5 to $10 Subway coupon: If you take an order of $25, then a $5 printable coupon is offered by Subway. Similarly for an order of $50, a coupon of $10 is offered.
  • Sign up offers: If you are a regular customer, then do sign up on Subway’s online portal. They offer many individual offer coupons throughout the year.

How to use Subway printable coupons
Each coupon is associated with a particular code. You can use it in many ways.

  • Carry it around: You could carry the coupon to a Subway outlet. Simply show the coupon while placing your order. You will get the discount right away.
  • Pre-book the order via app: You could order through the Subway app prior to going in there. Do not forget to apply the printable coupon code at the Apply Offer section. When you get there, your order will be ready to eat.

So, get the coupons and enjoy the sandwiches as much as you want.